Sunday, June 27, 2010

Internet connectivity issue due to SonicWall SSO

Recently, we receive a lot of report about the Internet connection very unstable.


After I check the configuration of our firewall, it seems that the firewall is kill/clear the session from our client due to the authentication fail. The authentication fail is due to our SonicWall SSO agent on our DC (Event ID 16), fail to use the WMI/NetAPI to connect the client. The connection cannot establish because Media Sensing feature for TCP/IP in Windows XP under Gigabytes Ethernet environment (Netlogon Event ID 5719 and the Disappearing Domain [Controller]).


The workaround solution I have been done is the following:


1.       Disable Windows Firewall

2.       Disable the Media Sensing feature





Now, the problem seems to be fixed.


Netlogon 5719 and the Disappearing Domain [Controller]


Cannot connect to domain controller and cannot apply Group Policy with Gigabit Ethernet devices


How to disable the Media Sensing feature for TCP/IP in Windows;en-us;239924&x=4&y=13

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