Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Upgrade the ZTE Skate (V960) from 2.3.5 (Official ROM) to 4.0.4 ([ICS] [CM9] [4.0.4] ColdFusionX)

Previous ROM: ZTE 2.3.5 official (Rooted)

The ClockworkMod Recovery r4- have been installed.


Step 1: Use the Titanium backup 5.1.1 to backup all apps and the data of those apps

Step 2: Backup the contact list to SIM card and also make the other backup by export to SD card

Step 3: Use SMS backup by using SMS backup and Restore

Step 4: Download the update-cm-9-20120515-SNAPSHOT-skate-ColdFusionX-tilal6991-signed.zip and gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip

Step 5: Copy the GAPPs and ROM to a SD card

Step 6: Reboot the phone to CWM Recovery mode and FORMAT SYSTEM "Wipe data/factory". <- VERY IMPORTANT

Step 7: Then flash the ROM and any patches (if applicable)

Step 8: After this wipe data

Step 9: Then reboot out of recovery and let it boot into the ROM

Step 10: After you let it sit on the launcher for ~ 5 minutes then reboot into recovery again

Step 11: Now flash the GAPPs zip

Step 12: And reboot out of recovery mode

Step 13: Let it sit on launcher for another 5 minutes to stabilize.

Step 14: Now you need to cal the sensor and install Barnacle wifi tether for wifi tethering.




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