Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hong Kong version Nokia E63 firmware upgrade

Nokia e63 upgrade to 410.21.010


香港版本product code :
0581754 = Hong Kong RM-437 E63-1 Blue color Product Code
0581753 = Hong Kong RM-437 E63-1 Red color Product Code

Cannot upgrade



Change the product code to 新加坡为0568936(简体中文)/港版0590124(简体.繁体)



1. 手機要沒鎖機.
Nemesis Service Suite程式去改product code 更新去另一firmware版本.


Nemesis Service Suite Beta (zip file,6.95 MB)

Install use Virtual usb and into volume C: (It need to install the Ovi software suite and Nokia software updater first)


How to Change Product Code of Nokia E-Series

Download the required applications to change the product code on E-Series Mobiles.

Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)

Obtaining Nokia E-Series Product Codes for Latest Firmware Availability Using NaviFirm

For more detail:

Remark: NSS找不到手机和scan for product... error的终极解决方案 (Check the driver of Nokia in Windows is installed correct or not) And the mobile select PC suit client



updated to firmware 410.21.010 (08-02-2010) RM-437  of HK version


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