Saturday, June 19, 2010

Install or uninstall Google Chrome: Installing Google Chrome for multiple user accounts (For Win XP/Vista/7 only)

As an administrator, you can install Google Chrome in Pack for all user accounts on a Windows computer (whereas the download available at only installs for the user account that you're logged into.) By doing so, you'll replace all other versions of Google Chrome that may already be installed on your computer for other user accounts.


If you already have Google Chrome from installed on your administrator account, make sure to uninstall it first before installing Pack's version.


After you've installed Google Chrome through Pack, users who've already installed Google Chrome in their user accounts will be notified that the browser has updated to a system-wide version the next time they sign in and open the browser. In some cases, they may need to recreate their profile information, such as bookmarks and browsing history, if they were formerly using a more recent version of the browser.

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