Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Linux/Unix join Windows Domain

    There are several ways to make Linux/Unix to join Windows Domain:
  • Kerberos only

  • LDAP only

  • Kerberos plus LDAP - This is a lower-level option where you set up Linux to use Active Directory's underlying protocols yourself. Described in Kerberos (for authentication) and LDAP (for authorization).

  • Samba (Winbind/Kerberos) - Samba is the tool for joining a Linux machine to a Windows domain.

  • Likewise - Likewise is basically Samba-in-a-box; easier to set up than a full-fledged Samba installation (the GUI should do it for you in under an hour, including time to read its docs), but correspondingly less control. Likewise Open is free of charge; Likewise Enterprise adds features like managing Linux machines via Group Policy.

  • Microsoft Windows Services for Unix includes options for serving usernames to Linux / UNIX via NIS and for synchronizing passwords to Linux / UNIX machines. You'd use this if you wanted to do everything possible from Windows or if you had an existing Linux / UNIX infrastructure you wanted to tie to Windows; for most environments, though, one of the other solutions would be better.



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