Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The DEP cause the application fail to run

If you find your Orbit have the following error in your windows 7:

失敗的應用程式名稱: orbitdm.exe,版本:,時間戳記: 0x4be27e85
失敗的模組名稱: unknown,版本:,時間戳記: 0x00000000
例外狀況碼: 0xc0000005
錯誤位移: 0x0012f248
失敗的處理程序識別碼: 0xcc4
失敗的應用程式開始時間: 0x01cb1c5ca62cf420
失敗的應用程式路徑: D:\Program Files\Orbitdownloader\orbitdm.exe
失敗的模組路徑: unknown
報告識別碼: edb4b080-884f-11df-a4db-001a9266d297

You may check the DEP is it set to "AlwaysOn", if yes, change it to "OptIn" <-- default value

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