Thursday, June 1, 2017

Failed to upgrade or install Open Live Writer on Windows 8.1

I use Open Live Writer (OLW) since version 0.5 (actually is - It is the second release of OLW and also the first release support Blogger)

It is a tools for me to write my blog on blogger after the Windows Live Writer 2012 end of life.

Since the apps is auto upgrade every time you open it. It will auto upgrade to the latest version.

But it seems that it cannot upgrade from 0.5 to 0.6 via this progress. And also, my OLW suddenly did not able to open today.

Event 1026, .NET Runtime


Event 1000, Application Error


I try to upgrade to manually, I failed.

After I do some Google, I suspect it is because my Windows 8.1 did not install .Net framework 4.6.2

I download the .Net framework 4.6.2 offline installer ( and install it. After that, I also apply the latest security hotfix for 4.6.2 via Windows Update

After I upgrade my .Net framework to 4.6.2, I able to upgrade my OLW to now


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