Saturday, February 4, 2017

Windows 10 Insider Preview (Creators Update) Build 15025 for PC (64bits OS only) and Mobile released on Fast Ring (For PC: It takes time or effort to upgrade)

I have upgrade successfully from 15014 to 15025 after 1 day on Lenovo W510 laptop


For the other testing machine X220, I fresh install the build 15002 on it, but I still need to do the following steps to upgrade successfully


  1. Change the service "Delivery Optimization" startup type to disable


      2. Reboot

      3. Run the batch file (Windows Update Reset Script) download from

      4.  Upgrade successfully





For the Windows 10 Insider Preview 15025 for mobile, I able to upgrade my Nokia Lumia 636 form 15014 to 15025:




I still waiting for the 15025 32bits ISO release for upgrade my Chuwi Vi8 plus tablet since it cannot upgrade via Windows update for this build release.

For more detail about the 32bits arrangement of this build, please refer

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