Monday, February 13, 2017

Action now - Sign up and join the World Community Grid

As a Windows Insider, I always running multiple machine to test different build of Windows 10. Using those machines idle time of computing power to tackle scientific research projects that benefit humanity.


1. Go to 

Fill-in the following information, then accept EULA.


2. Select the projects which is you want to join to donate your machine idle time


3. It will pop up and ask for allow to download the program like the following:


4. You will receive a program like the following, just install it. (Remark: I receive a error message on my 15031 build machine, just ignore it and continuous the installation, it will running well)


5. After the installation complete, open the program and it will ask for your login (The account which is you create for signup and download the software)


6. After your login, it will take few minutes to run the program and also make connection like the following:


7. When the program start to work, you will see the screen like the following and also it take me around 2x% CPU only:



I think it is good for us to giving back to society. Please donate your machine idle time. Thank you.



IT 人幫幫忙!請捐贈閒置電腦運算能力助消滅兒童癌症

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