Thursday, May 22, 2014

VMware Horizon (VMware View) Misc Technotes

1. Link clone is require View composer

2. There are two type VDI VM – Full virtual machine (full clone) and link clone

3. VMware View require vCenter

4. View connection server – receive client connection and also management server for view

5. View security server – like a proxy (gateway) to allow client connect instead of connect the connection server directly. All client connection will be redirect from security server to connection server and then able to use VDI. The security server is no management role.

6. View storage accelerator -> reduce boot storm issue by using ESXi host cache.

7. Domain account on VMware View is used for join domain of VM child.

8. Transfer Servers -> for VMware view offline/local mode (e.g. laptop user need to use view offline)

9. The Transfer server for those local mode user to download (click-out) and upload (click-in)

10. Link clone by reference the persistent disk

11. View connection server

Blast Secure Gateway -> for using html5 to connect those VDI instead of using PCoIP

Disadv: The performance of the view will be decrease.

12. Guest System – prerequisites: Network needs DHCP

13. Link clone will be use the snapshot for link clone machine, it will not affect by parent disk change

14. Full clone (Full Virtual Machine) from VM template.

15. Desktop Delivery Model -> Manual Pool, Automated Pool and Terminal Service Pool

The Link clone is used for automated pool only

16. User assignment -> dedicate and floating

17. Recompose is I/O demanding

18. Link clone VM create from replica, the replica is full clone from parent image’s snapshot

19. Provisioning settings change need to Recompose

20. Recompose is required when parent VM update, otherwise those linked clone VM did not update

21. Recompose will recreate new replicate and delete the current replicate.

22. Refresh will not create new replicate

23. Rebalance will help to reassign the VM on different ESXi host and datastore via vMotion and DRS

24. If DRS disable, rebalance still work.

25. All Recompose, refresh and rebalance need down time. ALL VM will be poweroff.

26. Naming setting need to handle carefully, otherwise provisioning fail, then need to re-components.

27. Full clone must use sysprep

28. Persistent disk for redirect Windows user profile (Only available for dedicate VM – user assignment) Floating user assignment need to use windows folder redirection or roaming profile. VM also provide View Persona Management like roaming profile. The disposable disk for Windows temp file

29. Local session via vSphere client to connect VM, remote session via VMware View

30. ThinApps need to locate on file server, VM need to able to access this file server. Print Friendly and PDF

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