Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free SSH server for Windows

MobaSSH allows you to run commands and transfer files on a remote Windows PC from any operating system (GNU/Linux, Unix, HP-UX, AIX, Windows, ...) through a fully secured and encrypted network connection. MobaSSH is 100% compatible with the Linux/Unix/HPUx/AIX SSH clients, but also with Putty or WinSCP on Windows.

MobaSSH key features :

  • Execute commands on a remote Windows computer

  • Transfer files through an encrypted channel

  • Retrieve information about the remote computer

  • Make backups of your computers over the network

  • Silently install software on remote Windows computers

  • Silently administer the remote Windows computer (the user can stay connected: the commands are run in background mode)


MobaSSH Home is very simple: after downloading the installer, you can configure and start SSH server on your Windows PC in a single click ! Print Friendly and PDF

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