Monday, October 23, 2017

Why I select Android to continuous using Microsoft Apps and also why select Nokia 3?

I using Windows Phone/Mobile for my second phone one of the reason there are some Microsoft Apps which is I like. Since my primary phone is Android, I have consider to change my second phone to be iPhone to using the iOS. When I try to find a replacement of my Microsoft Lumia 640, it is very hard to find a smartphone which is HK$ 520 only. I raise my budget to around HK$ 1,000. I find that there are two phone can be consider, iPhone 5s and Nokia 3.

There are few reason I select Nokia 3 instead of iPhone 5s

1. Nokia 3 will able to upgrade to Android 8 or even 9, but iPhone 5s might not able to upgrade to next major release

2. Nokia 3 is HK$ 840 only, iPhone 5s over HK$ 1,400

3. Nokia 3 able to provide a pure and secure Android

4. Nokia 3 have NFC

5. Nokia 3 able to install SD card to expand storage

There are some screen and information about Nokia 3:

It is come with Android 7.0, after two times upgrade via OTA. It become 7.1.1 with Sep 2017 Android Security Patch level.


I run the factory reset after the upgrade, the memory and storage like the following:



After i install Microsoft Launcher and some of the Microsoft Apps, the user experience is so great. The Android with Microsoft apps suite are perfect match in term of function and feature, apps quality, performance...... it is much better than My Windows 10 for mobile......

My suggestion is if you consider using Android with Microsoft apps suite, Nokia definitely is a good option, or other Android phone which is under Android one project should be also good.

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