Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We seems to be need to move from Windows 10 Mobile to other platform now

I use TWO mobile phone for long time ago and also Windows Mobile / Phone since 6.0 ...

My first Windows phone is Asus P320 which is running on Windows Mobile 6.0 and upgradable to 6.1 (I also upgrade to 6.5 which is not official release) It is also my Primary Phone at that moment.

Then, I change to use Acer Liquid which is running on Android 1.6/2.1 as my Primary Phone and keep my Nokia 2730 Classic to be my Second Phone.

When Acer M310 which is running Windows Phone 7.5/7.8 release to the Market, I use it to replace my Nokia E5 as a Second Phone.

After the Windows Phone 8.0 release since it did not support all Windows Phone 7.0 user to upgrade, I replace my Acer M310 to Nokia Lumia 525.

Since the Nokia Lumia 525 cannot upgrade to Windows Mobile 10, I change my phone to Nokia Lumia 636 to upgrade to 10.0.14393.x (anniversary update)

Then, the Nokia Lumia 636 did not support to upgrade to Windows Mobile 10 - 10.0.15063.x (1703), so I change my Phone to Microsoft Lumia 640.

I should stay for few months to wait for the last upgrade (probably) 10.0.15xxx, then change to Android Phone with Microsoft Apps suite or iPhone at end of this year......(I already start to test MS Apps suite on Android now, it looks good. I love Android since I use it from 1.6 to 7.0 now, but I still wants my Second Phone have some different and also I able to continuous to enjoy some of the feature which is I love on Windows Phone like Bing Wallpaper for everyday at lockscreen, outlook apps, MSN news apps, MSN finance apps......)






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