Thursday, November 8, 2012

Windows 7 move user profile to another drive (e.g. C:\Users\<Username> to I:\Users\<Username>)

1. Login with administrator account

2. Relocate your user data to other non-system volume, for example from C:\Users\<Username> to I:\Users\<Username>

3. Use mklink to create a symbolic link from C:\Users\<Username> to I:\Users\<Username>

Command: “mklink /D C:\Users\J I:\users\J”


Re-login use your own account,you will find nothing changed,but in fact your physical user data is on drive I.



Run the command with administrative privilege. Also make sure the C:\Users\<Username> do not exist before run this command. (The folder should be move to the I:\Users\<Username>

5. Login by using the user account of this user profile. Print Friendly and PDF

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