Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to create a pinned website and desktop shortcut to open a specified website by IE 11 in Windows 10?

Step 1: In the Windows 10 taskbar search, type Internet Explorer and you will see it appear in the results.

Clicking on it will open Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Step 2: Enter the website into website bar:



Step 3: Move the mouse cursors to the website bar icon, you will see a message “Drag to taskbar to pin site”, click on it by using left button on your mouse and hold it


Step 4: Move your mouse cursors to your desktop, you will see the icon like the following:


Step 5: You will get a shortcut on your desktop which is open the pinned website by using IE 11.


More information about this shortcut, it is a file .website:


When you open it by using notepad, you will see some information like the following:


You can copy the file and change the “URL” to the other website you want to open by using IE11 via a shortcut.


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