Saturday, December 19, 2015

Upgrade PiPO W4 from Windows 10 (Build 10240) to Windows 10 TH2 (Build 10586) (1GB RAM, 16GB ROM)

Warning: Please backup all the data and setting before "upgrade" since this upgrade will format the whole drive and all data, setting and apps will done.

Just download the Windows 10 TH2 ISO and boot the W4 by using this new DVD or USB, and then select Windows 10 Home.


Since your device already activated before, no license key is required.


Then, just follow the installation to install the Windows.

After the installation complete, go to the Windows update to update to latest version



Update: You migh able to upgrade from Build 10240 to Build 10586 without format and reinstall the W4 since Microsoft release the patch to reduce the minimum local drive free size from 6GB to 2GB

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