Monday, April 1, 2013

Workaround for push mail (EAS) did not respond (Exchange Server 2003)

1) Get into Server and start up IIS manager
2) Right click on Application Pools and create a new pool for ActiveSync (ie. ExchangeActiveSyncPool)
3) Right click on the new Application Pool and Properties and set the Recycle worker processes at 1740
4) Set Maximum Virtual memory to 500
5) Set Maximum Memory used to 192
6) Click on Identity tab and Select Local System for the App pool identity
7) Down under Default Web Site right click on the Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync
8) In Application Pool select the new pool created in step 2

This will split out the Active sync app and won’t take down all services if there is a resource issue such a memory.


Remark: Do not change the “Maximum number of worker processes” of the “ExchangeApplicationPool” (Default application pool of exchange front end), it will affect webmail (OWA)

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