Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How do I reset Surface RT back to factory result without logging into the system (like hard reset)

To reset your Surface without logging in, please try the following:
1. Attach your Touch Cover / Type Cover
2. Power on your Surface
3. Press and hold the Left Shift key at the Login screen
4. Press the Power icon
5. Press Restart

Your surface should boot to a light blue screen with some options on it.
1. Click on Troubleshoot

IMG_20121203_095756 (Medium)

2. Click on Reset your PC

IMG_20121203_095807 (Medium)

3. Follow the prompts.

IMG_20121203_095823 (Medium)

IMG_20121203_100002 (Medium)

IMG_20121203_094415 (Medium)

After the reset complete, you will able to start to select your display language and configuration the initate setting.

IMG_20121203_095345 (Medium) 

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